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March Pet of the Month: Meet Otis

March Pet of the Month: Meet Otis

Well, sometimes the biggest things, steal your heart in the biggest way.  Meet Otis.

This currently 90-pound lug nut, started out in the worst way possible: found at six weeks old, in a trash can with his litter of brothers and sisters.  (A trash can?!  Really, people…)  But a kind-hearted rescue group found them all and saved them.  Then my fiancée and I adopted this little 8-pound nugget, who grew into a big, serious chunk.  And truly a hunk of love.  Otis, special from the get-go because he was adorable and sweet, but also, we came to find out, e-specially needy.  We found out he required a diet of only fish due to a meat allergy, which is why he got the nicknames like Ooottie-fish, Potus, or just Fish!  

Neediness aside, he thinks he is a lap dog and really laps up affection.  And may have the longest, licking-est tongue in dog history.   

Otis loves everyone he meets including humans, dogs and cats! He typically spends his time chasing tennis balls, chewing on his bones, or cuddling on the couch with his parents.

Otis is an overall joy, he is the best dog in whole world…the special-est. He brings us so much happiness and love!  And really big licks.


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