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Pet Spotlight: Meet (Jimi) Hendrix

Pet Spotlight: Meet (Jimi) Hendrix

Meet (Jimi)Hendrix

This rock-star-of-a-boy is simply awesome.  He is smart.  Sweet.  Agile:  He can jump on a couch over the back rest in a single bound!  And he is super obedient. 

Like most legends, his start was not an easy one.  As mere pup, he and his brother were thrown out of a car and found on the side of the road with their paws torn to shreds.  An angel-of-a-woman found the pair in the pouring rain, cared for them and had their damages mended.

Fast forward to a rescue organization who found them a foster.  Then a 15-year old rescue volunteer, fell in love with Hendrix.  She brought him home to her home…with two other dogs, three additional human siblings and two understanding parents, one of which is an avid guitarist.  Thus, the name Hendrix.

According to the family, 12 years later, Hendrix continues to produce his greatest hits.  He is soooo mellow.  Loveable.  He nurtures the family cats, who adore him.  And he has had the privilege of spending five days with Cesar Milan and his side-kick Junior, at his open-to-the-public training in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

Just par for the life of a notable rocker…always hanging with the stars.


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